Loch Erisort marineFoam Study

This computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study of the tidal and wind-driven flows in the vicinity of Loch Erisort and Loch Leurbost on the island of Lewis was carried out to demonstrate the capabilities of the marineFoam solver.

Figure 1 shows the geographical location under study and the location of the salmon farm on Loch Erisort is shown in figure 2.

A local shellfish farm producing mussels and oysters is located in the adjacent Loch Leurbost and the farm area is highlighted in figure 3.

Figures 4 and 5 show the bathymetry of the sea bed.

A steady SW breeze of 15 mph is applied over 3-days and the animation in figure 6 shows the complex interation of tides, winds and topography in the local flow field.

The concentration of chemicals from the sea lice bath treatment in the salmon farm is highlighted in figure 7.

Figure 8 shows the 3-dimensional nature of the flow field and chemical plume discharge.


List of Figures (sequential):


Fig. 1: Computational domain around Loch Erisort.

Fig. 2: Salmon farm.

Fig. 3: Commercial shellfish production zone.

Fig. 4: Sea bed bathymetry.

Fig. 5: Sea bed bathymetry with map superimposed.

Fig. 6: Flow speeds.

Fig. 7: Sea lice plume discharge concentrations.

Fig. 8: Sea lice plume discharge concentrations - 3D.