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MTS-CFD Ltd has worked with a wide range of clients from SMEs to multinational industrial giants. We work together with our clients, to gain a complete understanding of their needs and make sure that the modelling expertise we have is used in the the most effective way possible to provide the answers that they require. Find out some of the companies that we have partnered with below.

Star Refrigeration

Refrigerated Warehouse modelling

This client approached us to model the fluid flow and heat transfer in a large scale refrigerated warehouse to make sure that the design of the coolers and their placement would ensure a uniform temperature profile and would avois any hot spots within the cold store racking and product

Client 3


Satellite Stability

MTS-CFD Ltd worked with Airbus Space Systems to model the interaction between a satellite in low earth orbit and the rarified atmosphere at its orbital height. This was to make sure that the forces created by the interaction between the satellite and the atmosphere would not cause the vehicle to tumble and fall from orbit too early 

Client 5


Portable generator farm modelling

MTS-CFD has worked with Aggreko on many projects but one of the most challenging was modelling a farm of multiple portable motor/generator sets situated in a desert environment to make sure that the hot gas re-ingestion from their radiators and exhausts would not create problems with the cooling of individual sets within the farm layout.

Client 3

Coastal Communities Network (Scotland)

Littoral modeling

MTS-CFD collaborated with Coastal Communities Network (Scotland) on modelling the pollutants in the littoral region of the west coast of Scotland. 

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