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Some of the papers published by MTS-CFD

Little Colonsay Reports

Report on the two- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic (HD) models of the West Coast of Scotland using the Telemac code
Report on  bath treatment model.
Report on the nutrients study

Report on the sea lice study

Report on the waste study

A Hydrodynamic Model of the West Coast of Scotland with Coupled Sea Lice Dispersion.

Telemac User Conference 2020

This paper describes the development of a hydrodynamic model of Scotland's West Coast and the application of a biological sea lice model. The Hydrodynamics were developed using TELEMAC-3D and the sea lice model using OpenDrift - both open-source codes.

marineFoam: A Computational Tool for Modelling Chemical Discharge from Marine Fish Farms

marineFoam: Porous Media Modelling for Flow
Through Fish Farm Cages

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